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Jason Myles

Prior to entering the consulting and education industries, I worked exclusively in the real estate industry. But more than anything, I am extremely passionate about business development. My passion for business development began with my first business in real estate, Salient Development and Investments, LLC. After the learning experience I received from this business, I knew I needed to really spend some time and build it; as I only set out to make some "extra money" and stay out of the way. I then got involved in the wholesale aspects of the industry were I was offered opportunities that I could have only dreamed of up to that point. As an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years, I have been blessed with a variety of unique experiences ranging from owning an automotive and finance company to helping build a real estate firm. I have gained a niche in working with small businesses and combined my sales skills with the love of people to help others succeed. l sharpened my public speaking skills as a platform speaker and I have shared the stage with many well known Motivational and Investment professionals.

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